Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pancho's Midtown

Price Point: $1.65 for Rice or Beans $2.35 for Huge Bean Tostadas and up to $8 for Meaty Comidas (Dinners)

I was definitely craving Mexican today, as I do most days, but with just $3 in my pocket I had to think on my toes... Then it came to me Pancho's! I have been there several times over the years and it has remained a staple in my Junk Food/Mexican/Cheap eats book.

 Today I had their Bean Tostada $2.35 each for a humungously topped shell with gooey melted cheese on top of at least a pound of beans, and topped off with a decent amount of lettuce! Not for the faint of heart!

For under $3 this will definitely hold you over until dinner.

They also have really decent rice and beans for $1.65 ea, and I really enjoy their rolled shredded beef taco (kind of like taquitos, but made fresh!) dipped in their Mild Green Salsa and topped with lettuce and cheese $2.35 for 3, as good as homemade chicken flautas any-day!

Overall; A great hole in the wall with consistantly good, cheap food!

Pros: Tostadas, Rolled tacos

Cons: Don't ever ask for a burrito with no meat, b/c in the Hispanic Community Ham is not considered meat, ask for no Ham, etc. -This happened to me one time I ordered a breakfast burrito!

Food Quality: ***/5

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