Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chai Shai Brookside

Price Point $4 for Samosa's, Pankora's $2 for Naan, $6.50+ for lunches $10.50+ for dinner

Just outside of Westport is a quaint little Indian/Pakistani restaurant that feels more like a coffe shop than a restaurant. What I love about this place is that everything is made from scratch! I went there for the first time after a long hiatus from Indian food (over 10+ yrs ago) I was never a big fan, but I have to say that Chai Shai has turned me around on some of there items! This was the first Indian place that I came across that does not charge you an arm and a leg for lunch items, everywhere else I tried in the Westport area charged $10+ for carryout meals and for their buffets! Ridiculous!
I have tried their Beef Samosas $4 for 2, really good, but meat a little dry, the crust was ridiculously good though!

I will be trying their chicken Samosas next!

Also I have tried their Masala Paneer Roll $6.50, this happens to be a pic of their Masala dinner, just imagine the pink stuff wrapped in a very thin almost tortilla type bread. This is something that I will not be ordering again! The Masala reminded me of tasteless tofu! And the Pakoras would have been excellent if they had taken the time to chop the Onions down to small pieces instead they were kept in long strips sticking out that really over powered the rest of the ingredients.
Over all I will never get that dish again!
But I will be going back for the Samosa's, the rice, DEFINATELY the Naan bread and when I am really hungry and have extra $ in my wallet, the Lamb Korma.

Pros: Best Naan bread ever! Good flavor on the rice to..

Cons: Masala Paneer Roll and Pankora!

Food Quality: ****/5 (for the Naan)

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